lykoi cats for sale

What are Lykoi cats known for?

Lykoi cats have wonderful playful temperaments. Inquisitive and intelligent by nature they are keen hunters and even known to play fetch. They are found of company and bond well with their owns, although they may be wary of new people and pets until they get to know them.This breed is an affable, easygoing cat. The Lykoi cat’s personality allows him to get along well with humans, cats, and cat-friendly dogs with equal ease. Lykoi cat behavior is generally pretty playful, but they also wander off on their own for periods of time.

Because of that thin coat, the Cat Fanciers’ Association recommends keeping Lykois as exclusively indoor cats. Their hair provides little protection from cold or direct sunlight, so keeping them well clear of both will go a long way towards keeping your Lykoi healthy and happy. In the winter, you might need to give your Lykoi a heated cat bed or a few sweaters to keep him comfortable, especially if he likes lounging near drafty windows to chatter at birds.
Like other foreign type cats, the Lykoi is intelligent and active, vocal and willing to express their opinion, at volume if necessary. They enjoy interacting with people and other cats, enjoy interactive play and puzzle solving, and if given enough to do, will also relax and laze like less exotic cats.

As a breed they are inquisitive, curious and great problem solvers. The Lykoi is generally an extremely energetic cat, who loves to stay active, however, at the end of a busy day the Lykoi loves nothing more than to cuddle up with it’s humans and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.