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Definitely the best experience I have ever had adopting my babies. I adopted 3 angels (1 boy and 2 girls) along with my sister who adopted 1 boy MINSKIN from their other cattery. Precious Cats breeder loves and knows each kitten Individually by their personality and charm. She has been spot on every time with explaining how each kitten will behave and act, always getting to us through our email Ratatawergiepawscattery111@gmail.com. She stays in contact with you throughout the process with pictures and gave us plenty of time to pick out our perfect fit. They are kept super clean and are cuddle bugs meaning they are definitely kissed and loved on before you take them home. I wouldn't go anywhere else for a kitten. Getting these kittens greatly helped us expand our breeding program, they were shipped to us with every health paper, kittens were in a perfect health state as they told us before purchase.
I called everywhere for a Lykoi Cat and the waiting lists were crazy here in WA so I was willing to take the drive to them but their nanny shipping service made it all so easy. The number of goodies she gives you really don't need much but food! She will give you everything else to get started so that was a HUGE plus. I did like that no matter how stupid the questions were she would answer them and would also send pics of our kitten. The money was broken up so it's not all collected at one time which is nice. My daughter and I are very happy with our new kitten Neptune! Thank you for everything Precious Cats Cattery, you made our 2022 special ❤ . Michelle Houston
We had the greatest experience getting our precious, healthy kitty from this Cattery. I've recommended them to friends, and can't say enough good things about them.
Family-orientated, professional business that goes above and beyond to bring your new fur-less kittens into your home ❤ Can't say enough about how friendly and knowledgeable their cattery is about this MINSKIN breed of cat and how helpful she's been. Highly recommended Suzanne Cummings
Precious Cats Cattery's operation is second to none. The quality of her well-socialized kittens is first-rate. She is very pleasant to do business with, has excellent communication skills, has standard prices, and so on. Now she is involved with producing toys and a fantastic line of food supplies. I strongly recommend this cattery for any of your kitten companion needs. My kitten is highly socialized, has adapted quite well to my family, and enjoys the toys she came with from the cattery. The Nanny Shipping service is top-notch, got my baby delivered to me in Spain on time and in good shape.