Lykoi kittens For Sale At Our Cattery

Lykoi kittens for sale, also called the Werewolf cat, is a natural mutation from a domestic short-haired cat that has the appearance of a classic Hollywood werewolf, hence its name. We do breed our lykoi cat for sale near me with much love and training as such they would fit perfectly into any family.  These lovely werewolf cats are med medium-sized cats with lean but muscular bodies and slender limbs. Males are typically much larger than their female counterparts. Lykoi cats are very warm, loving, amiable companions and very DEVOTED LAP CATS.  

The Lykoi cat’s coat is easy to groom. Weekly brushing would be just fine. Brush or comb a lykoi’s coat twice a week to prevent or remove mats or tangles. The only other grooming the Lykoi needs is regular nail trimming and ear cleaning if the ears look dirty. Use a gentle cleanser recommended by your veterinarian. Brush the teeth frequently with vet-approved pet toothpaste for good overall health and fresh breath.

Precious cats cattery provides a nutritious diet that includes fresh, whole foods and premium brands like Orijen Kitten and Royal Canin “Mother & Baby cats” dry food, Wellness Brand wet food, grilled chicken, farm-fresh quail eggs, salmon, and more. As they grow into maturity, kittens and adult cats alike need premium nutrition. As such, we believe it is essential to provide our pregnant cats and their newborns like Cats and lykoi cats a nutritious diet. In addition, we don’t rush the process of weaning our kittens off their moms. They never spend time apart from her and are never lonely.    

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lykoi kittens for sale


BOB is a male LYKOI
AGE: 12weeks
Quite a cute and majestic werewolf male kitten, a complete lap cat who loves foraging. He loves foraging around and he would fit quite well into any home.


HANA is a female LYKOI
AGE: 13weeks
A Playful, lovable kitten who is looking for a new lap! Full of energy and snuggles, the kitten is very beautifull and has a lovely glow.


MINA is a female LYKOI
AGE: 13weeks
Elegant-looking furball with cute paws covered with intensely white fur, she would grace any home with plenty of love.

lykoi kittens for sale


These lovely werewolf cats are medium-sized cats with lean but muscular bodies and slender limbs. Males are typically much larger than their female counterparts.
Lykoi cats are warm, loving, amiable companions and DEVOTED LAP CATS. Learn more about the Lykoi cat breed before you add one to the family.
Lykoi cat for sale are fairly regular shedders and, a couple of times a year, Lykois can shed their entire coat before growing it back for the next season as such they make great hypoallergenic cats for sale to persons with allergies.